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CWS clean seat toilet is a device that clean the toilet seat automatically after each use the Clean Seat is developed by CWS-Boco from Germany.

It is available in two models, Power and Universal; both models is Non-touchable devices; the dispenser is completely contact-free, The seat is equipped with a cleaning and disinfection cartridge for up to 5,000 cleaning cycles.

The cleaning process is effected by a hygiene sluice that sink over the toilet seat and jet of water for mechanical cleaning and a cleaning agent for follow-up cleaning . the cleaning cycle can be triggered in various ways, automatically or individually. After successful completion of the cleaning cycle , when the toilet seat is cleaned LED light is display to indicate that seat is ready for use.

This fully automatic self-cleaning toilet seat is attracting a lot of attention and what makes it particularly interesting is that it can be easily installed for different types of toilet bowls.

Both types was successfully installed and operated in different Europe countries such like Germany , Italy, Ireland , Greece, Sweden and Belgium.

Product versions and features: 凤凰v彩票,凤凰v彩票官网,凤凰v彩票app

  • - Paradis Clean Seat Power: with power connection 230 V/ 50 Hz and water supply point.
  • - Paradise Clean Seat Universal: battery Operated.
    Product features:
  • - Toilet seat is automatically cleaned after each use
  • - Cleaning process ends after approx. 18s
  • - Environmentally friendly cleaning agent, completely biodegradable
  • - No waste such as paper and plastic (from Toilet seat cover ..etc)
  • - No change to user habits
  • - Option of manual activation of cleaning before use
  • - Display indicates the system status
  • - Power Version for the toughest demands and high user frequencies
  • - Universal Version for universal use with normal user frequencies

Product Video :凤凰v彩票,凤凰v彩票官网,凤凰v彩票app

Area of application:凤凰v彩票,凤凰v彩票官网,凤凰v彩票app

  • - Air ports
  • - Malls and Pavilions
  • - Hospitals
  • - Public Toilets
  • - Offices
  • - Restaurants
Area of application:
  • - Hotels
  • - Mosques
  • - Schools
  • - Exhibitions
  • - Showrooms
  • - Fitness Centers and Gym