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Fragrance Dispenser 凤凰v彩票,凤凰v彩票官网,凤凰v彩票app

Breathe some fresh air into your buildings with a room fragrance and create a pleasant ambience: in offices and public buildings, in restaurants, bars and businesses or in the spa sector. Room fragrances from CWS literally neutralize unpleasant odors.

Products Features: 凤凰v彩票,凤凰v彩票官网,凤凰v彩票app

  • - Fragrance dispenser is battery operated
  • - Its used for lasting freshness
  • - Two chamber system for long lasting fragrance and use different type of fragrances
  • - 9 specially flavors
  • - Service light on outside indicates need to replace cartridge or batteries
  • - Fragrance cartridge can be changed simple and rapidly
  • - User friendly interface for selecting the fragrance and setting intensity
  • - Lock for prevention
  • - One cartridge approximately enough for 3 month usage (12 h operation, 7 days a week , level 3 )

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